Dimitrios Parsanoglou

Teaching staff (ESPA)

Dimitris Parsanoglou holds a DEA and a PhD in Sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He has been working as a sociologist in several research projects for several research institutions and NGOs and in the framework of national and European projects. He coordinated, as Senior researcher of the Centre for Gender Studies, the FP7 project “MIG@NET: Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender” and he has taught Sociology at the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies of the University of Crete.His main research interests include history and sociology of immigration to Greece with a special emphasis on employment and urban space. Dimitris Parsanoglou has published extensively on these issues, and on issues with regard to “second generation migrants”, migrant domestic workers, national and European migration policies etc. He has participated with presentations in several conferences in Greece and abroad.