Prospective students

Welcome week

During the first week of the academic year, the Department organises a series of activities focused on new students. These activities focus, among other things, at informing the students about the operation of the Department, the curriculum and the services provided by the Department and the University. The briefing includes a series of lectures, which take place at the corresponding hours of the first semester courses, which concern the following:

  • Social sciences in general and social policy in particular.
  • Presentation of the department, the undergraduate program, the postgraduate program, the workshops of the department, the professional abilities of the graduates.
  • Student guidance for course choices, etc.
  • Particular features of university education-link to research and knowledge production.
  • Study Process-Structure of a Scientific Essay-Ways of Bibliographical References.

  • Presentation of a library (by library staff).

  • Information from the Department of Student Welfare.

  • Information from the Department of International Relations & European Union.

  • Information from the Department of Publications.

  • Information from the Career Office.

  • Information from the Department of Foreign Languages.

  • Information from the IT department.

  • Information from the Gym.

The schedule of the activities is announced by the Secretariat and posted on the Department's website.


The attendance at the Department begins with the student's initial enrollment. The registration of the first-time students is made at the beginning of the Winter Semester on dates announced by the Ministry of Education for all HEIs from the daily press. Registration is accompanied by the submission of the documents required by the law and the University.

The first Course Selection

In the first two weeks of the beginning of the Semester, students submit a Course Selection Statement, which includes compulsory courses, selective courses and seminars that they choose to attend for the first time in this semester. The course selection refers to the lessons that students choose to attend for the first time this semester. Late submissions may be accepted only with the permission of the Department. The submission gives the student the right to take part in the  examinations he/she has chosen and declared.