Eleni Poulou

PhD Candidate

Poulou Eleni studied her Bachelor degree in the Department of Sociology at University of the Aegean (2000-2005). Her Master, in Science degree in Sociology Dept. at Panteion University (2012-2014), examined the factors influencing the decision of the female migrant workers to remain employed inside the domestic work. Today, is a PhD candidate at Social Policy Dpt. of Panteion University focusing on the subjects of work, regimes of control and consensus and the reproduction of migrant labour. Her proposed dissertation, “Types of control and consensus and their impact in three different types of migrant labour: the case of industrial, agriculture and domestic work”, attempts to investigate how in times of crisis regimes of control change and together with this workers conditions and their social understandings.

Her recent publications are: "Work and Employment of Migrant Labour Force during the period of Crisis’ in Psimmenos Iordanis (ed.) Migrant Labour Force:Relations, Perceptions, Actions (Athens: Editions Papazisis, 2020, pp. 111-170) and "The Social Impact of  Crisis on the Employment of migrant Workers in Greece" [with V.- P. Galata and I. Psimmeno, Social Policy, 2019, Vol. 12, pp. 39-61].

She has participated in national and international seminars co-hosted by Panteion University with Universities of Durham and Newcastle, respectively. Particularly, she participated in the seminar held in Durham University at St’ Mary’s College in 2016, presenting The history of migration and domestic work in 19th and 20th century in Greece, in 2017 presenting “The Panorama of Social Research on Crisis – Migrant Labour in three different sectors” and in 2018 presenting “Between Tradition and Change: A comparative study of labour in a rural setting” at University of Newcastle.

Furthermore, she has co- published a book review for the special issue Psimmenos Iordanis (ed.) 2017, “Special Section: Unveiling Domestic Work in Times of Crisis” in The Greek Review of Social Research (DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/grsr.14805). She has also published book reviews in various journals such as “O kosmos tis Ergasias” and "Social Cohesion and Development". Finally, her scientific and research career is focused on labour, migration and crisis.

As Sociologist she has taught in Secondary Education. She has worked for over ten years in the field of Special Education.

Industrial Sociology with an emphasis on Migration