Social Inequalities and Fragile Groups

The aim of this course is the scientific research and the deeper understanding also, for the students, with the concept and the problematics of the social inequalities, the social exclusion, the fragile groups and social rights, as well as the use of the research methods of the study, the interpretation and investigation of them.As compulsory postgraduate course, we study the various dimensions of the social inequalities’ phenomena, the social exclusion and the social fragility, characteristics we find in contemporary Greek, European and International societies. In this course also it is taking place a preparation of the scientific and research approach, without stereotypes, of the problems which are “touching” the social fragile and excluded groups. In this course it is contained the deep understanding of the social construction of the fragility and inequality and the researching approach of the above phenomena, through the empirical examples. This can be achieved by 3 levels of analysis:

1) The first level focuses to the theoretical approach and through the historical constructed way of the assembly of the concepts of “inequality” and “fragility”. Relative terms like “exclusion”, “embedding” and “cohesion”, are analyzed also.

2) The second level aims in description of the inequalities and fragility function in the social reality. Modern social factors such as employment and multi-employment, migration and children of the second generation, the social integration of vulnerable groups (substance users, single-parent families, women, unemployed and young unemployed, unemployed, persons with abilities, elderly people), community reconstruction processes, conflicts and declining power relationships, are at the heart of the course's interest.

 3) The third level focuses on applied local, national and European policies, practices and empirical research examples that today promote the treatment of inequality, fragility and exclusion. Emphasis is made on the methodologies and applied examples of modern Greek society under extreme economic, social crisis and pandemic.

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