Postgraduate studies

General Characteristics of the Programme 

The postgraduate degree course offered by the Department of Social Policy focuses on the interdisciplinary study of issues relevant to social policy, with special emphasis on a deeper understanding of the methodological tools and applications that are necessary for exercising social policy. 

Aims of the Programme 

The aim of the course is twofold. Firstly, it aims at offering specialized knowledge on the methodology of the social sciences, the planning and evaluation of social policy programmes, through an extensive use of computers (information technology and the relevant packages, SPSS etc.). Secondly, the course introduces students to the interdisciplinary research in the fields of social policy (work and employment, social security and social protection, inequalities and social cohesion, etc.) so that they may understand and interpret the existence and the evolution of the problems in the fields of social policy, carry out relevant research and propose the application of the necessary policies and the evaluation of their results. 

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master’s Degree can work in universities, research institutes, central, peripheral and local administration, in organizations of the public sector, as well as in other institutions. The nature of their work can be both the study of relevant issues and coping with the needs and problems that arise during the exercise of social policy.

Duration of Studies

The duration of studies is three academic semesters.