Political Theory of the Welfare State

This seminar aims to study the relationship between capitalism and democracy and the ways in which this relationship is a framework for the development of a structure of legitimacy that is evolving dynamically within the historical course of the Welfare State. The first part of the seminar focuses on the emergence of this relationship in the process of transition from the classic liberal state of the 19th century to the Welfare State. In the second part, the emphasis is on the formation of the Welfare State through the establishment of social rights in relation to political and economic rights, a process that ends with a positive sign of the relationship between capitalism and democracy. The third part focuses on the crisis of legitimacy of the Welfare State, which arises from the contradictions of the relationship between capitalism and democracy. Finally, the fourth part studies the delegitimation processes of the Welfare State in the current period. The seminar is based on the study and presentation of classical texts of political theory and political economy and therefore presupposes the active involvement of the participants in this process in each meeting.

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