New book: Citizenship and Social Policy

Palgrave Macmillan has recently published Nikos Kourachanis' new book: Citizenship andSocial Policy. From Post-War Development to Permanent Crisis.

This book highlights the parallel transformations of the concepts of citizenship and the welfare state, and their dependence on the dominant political ideology, from the post-war period to the present. Kourachanis presents the welfare state as an integral part of the capitalist state and consequently, suggests that any structural changes to the capitalist state will have major impacts on the texture and content of the restructuring of the welfare state. 

The research compares different formulations of citizenship and the welfare state, reflecting on social citizenship and the post-war (or Keynesian) welfare state, as well as welfare provision under neoliberalism. The research will be vital reading for academics, researchers and students of social and public policy, political and humanitarian studies, as well as policy makers and members of labour unions and activists.

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