The Department of Social Policy has developed so far a rich activity in the field of social research in crucial areas of social policy (education, employment, migration, gender, family, social changes in the rural area, etc.) through research projects, lectures, conferences and workshops, articles in Greek and international scientific journals and editions of books and journals.

More specifically, the Department has an active research center and two Laboratories to conduct scientific research and to produce any kind of educational, supervisory and support material to assist and promote effective teaching, research and information.

Research units

Centre for Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Studies is a research laboratory of the Department, established by (FEK) Gov. 926/17.7.2006 to cover teaching and research needs in the fields of gender in social policy and policy analysis of gender equality at the international, European, national and local level.

Social Policy Laboratory

The Social Policy Laboratory (former Center for Social Morphology and Social Policy (KEKMOKOP)) of the Department was established with the aim of:

Social Statistics and Data Analysis Laboratory (STADA Lab)

The Department’s Social Statistics and Data Analysis Laboratory (STADA Lab) is a fully equipped Lab that provides students with the technology resources necessary for preparing assignments, conducting research and other academic related issues. STADA Lab is used for carrying out: Undergraduate Courses and Seminars Postgraduate courses Presentations of Undergraduate and Postgraduate thesis. STADA Lab is currently involved in the following research projects: