A central part in the evaluation process is undertaken by the Internal Evaluation Committee (IEC) (OMEA in greek). The role of the IEC is both coordinating and executive: it plans and coordinates the evaluation process and is responsible for drafting the Internal Evaluation Report. IEC is in general responsible for conducting the internal evaluation process in the Department: it monitors the completion of the evaluation questionnaires for students and informs the bodies and members of the Department about the results  and gathers all the necessary relevant information. During this process, IEC is assisted by all members of the Department. It encourages the participation of all, but also takes into account the views of faculty members. IEC defines and communicates from the outset the ways in which the transparency of the internal evaluation is ensured (e.g. how the views of all relevant stakeholders are heard, how all means of communication are taken into account, as well as record keeping, decision-making processes, encouragement of initiatives, etc.). The importance of good and timely planning, standardisation of procedures and periodic updating of all participants is emphasised.

Members of the IEC for the academic years 2019-2020, 2020-2021 are:

  • Professor Despina Papadopoulou (Head of the Department)
  • Professor Theodosia Anthopoulou (Director of Social Policy Laboratory)
  • Professor Christos Papatheodorou (Vice Rector of Panteion University, Director of Postgraduate Studies)
  • Associate Professor Constantine Dimoulas
  • Associate Professor Eleni Prokou
  • Associate Professor Maria Symeonaki (Director of Social Statistics and Data Analysis Laboratory)

To ensure transparency all relevant documents are made available to the public in the Department's website. Click here to see the relevant documents (in greek).