Participation in ASMDA2021

Members of the Department participated in the ASMDA 2021 conference:

  • A. Yfanti and C. Michalopoulou, The implementation of hierarchical classifications and Cochrans rule in the analysis of social data.
  • A. Charalampi, E. Tsouparopoulou, I. Tsiaggnou and C. Michalopoulou, Political trust to national institutions: the Significance of items level of measurement in the validation of constructs.
  • G. Stamatopoulou, M. Symeonaki, and C. Michalopoulou, Intergenerational class mobility in Greece with evidence from EU-SILC.
  • M. Symeonaki, G. Stamatopoulou and D. Parsanoglou, Capturing school-to-work transitions using data from the first European Graduate Survey, 19th Conference of the Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Society, ASMTDA2021, 1 – 4 June 2021, Athens, Greece.
  • M. Symeonaki, G. Stamatopoulou, D. Parsanoglou, A cluster analysis approach for identifying precarious workers.