Dimitrios Bourikos

PhD Candidate

Dimitris I. Bourikos is a Political Scientist-Social Worker, a graduate of the National School of Public Administration and holds a master's degree in the field of European integration. He is a member of the main teaching staff of the National School of Public Administration & Local Government in the field of social protection. He has worked in the field of political and social research, in particular on issues of political elites, social welfare and solidarity, regional and local social development as well as regional administration. His research papers and studies have been published in collective volumes and in scientific journals (Hellenic Review of Political Science, Comparative & International Educational Review, Review of Social Research, International Relations Step, Social Work, Journal of Power, Politics & Governance). Writes articles in print and electronic press.

Part of his work is accessible at: https://dimitrisbourikos.academia.edu/research.

Publications (indicative):

    West Attica. Institutional, developmental and social aspects, bookstars publications, Athens 202 (in greek)

    Social work & mental health, Beta publications, Athens 2014, co-edited by S. Martinaki (in greek)

    “European Crisis, Social Solidarity and the Voluntary Sector in Greece”, Journal of Power, Politics & Governance, vol. 2, no. 2, 2014 (with D. A. Sotiropoulos), pp. 35-53.

    "The West Attica Forum on Gypsy Issues" by P. Stathopoulos, Community Work. Strategies, Methods, Tactics, Papazisis, Athens 2017, pp. 118-123 (in greek)

    "Institutional racism and social work. A challenge for action ", in S. Martinaki, D. Bourikos (eds.), Social Work & Mental Health, Beta, Athens 2014, pp. 310-327 (in greek)

    "Economic crisis, social welfare and civil society", ELIAMEP, Athens 2014 (together with DA Sotiropoulos).

    "Social solidarity in Greece during the crisis: A new wave of emergence of civil society or the consolidation of the fragmented social status of the citizen?", Research Text No. 3,    Crisis Observatory / ELIAMEP, April 2013.

    "Housing allowance: Institutional, social and economic dimensions", efsyn (daily newspaper), 28.2.2019 (in greek)

     Spatial and social "bias" of the Attica' Region Projects Programme, SocialPolicy.gr, 9.2.2019 (in greek)

    Social Policy, Sociology of marginalization