George Roussis

Emeritus Professor

George Roussis is Professor. He was born in Corfu. He studied Political Sciences at the "Free University" of Brussels. He completed his postgraduate studies in Navy and Air Law at the same University. He holds a doctorate (with the highest distinction) in Political Sciences from the same University. He completed his studies, later on, at the International Institute of Public Administration (IIAP) in Paris. After the fall of the dictatorship in Greece, and after having worked for a year as a scientific collaborator at the School of Law of the University Ben-Knoun of Algiers, he returned to Greece, where he did various jobs, until he was appointed as a scientific collaborator at Panteion University, in 1980. Ever since, he has been working as a faculty member of Panteion University, at various levels of the academic profession, while for the last twenty years he has been working as a professor. His research and publication interests are in the general field of political theory, with emphasis on State Theory and emancipation, which he approaches from a Marxist perspective. He has written a lot of articles in journals and newspapers. He has completed a lot of translations and editions and he has written fourteen books. His most recent books (in Greek) are "Marx was born early", " Marx-Bakounine for the socialist state", "From crisis to the revolution-war of positions-". All three of them were published by Govostis publications.