COVID-19 and reconciliation of working and family life

This research project aims to record the strategies that individuals have used to cope with the state of emergency we experienced during the pandemic. The research is coordinated by the Family Studies and Research University Center of the University of Milan.


The partners are Universities and Institutions from 8 different countries.

1. European Institute for Gender Equality (Lithuania)

2. Department of Sociology, Universitat Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)

3. Department of Sociology, University of Barcelona (Spain)

4. Mediterrane an Institute of Gender Studies [MIGS] (Cyprus)

5. Universidad de la República (Uruguay)

6. Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg (Russia)

7. Research Associate, Public Policy Institute, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

8. University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

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Start Date
May 2020
Completion Date
May 2022