Introduction to Social Informatics

The purpose of the seminar is to train students at a theoretical and practical level in the modules: hardware-peripherals of a computer system, analysis of the structure and functions of the operating system, internet: General concepts, web browser, portals, e-mail, search engines, bibliographic search applications and in the MS-OFFICE package (Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Powerpoint).

 Social IT refers to the body of systematic research on the social aspects of ICT. How can we better understand the concept of "Internet access" in ways that help promote policies to reduce the "digital divide", how can organizations effectively use computer networks to help their professionals share important information, in to what extent and when developments in ICT encouraged "paperless offices", when can ICT in classrooms replace traditional means such as books, and when are these replacements likely to be costly and pedagogically boring, how is social IT can be integrated into ICT curricula and courses focusing on ICT and social and organizational change.

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