This is How We Love Greece. Complete Mintues and History of Beloyanni’s Trials- The Vavoudis Signals, (ed. Spyros Sakellaropoulos, research material Grigoris Sakellaropoulos) Athens: Topos Books, 556 pages. (in Greek).

This edition presents for the first time the complete minutes of the two trials of N. Belogiannis and his comrades, a large part of the Vavoudis signals, the petitions of the conversion of the death sentence of Belogiannis, Batsis and Kalouxenos to life imprisonment, , as well as the historical context in which the trials took place.


The content of the historical documents contributes to the reader acquiring his own point of view towards the specific dramatic events. In any case, however, it cannot be ignored decisive factors shaping the historical developments, such as: the role of the USA, the context in which the KKE leadership moved, and especially N. Zachariadis, the authoritarian attitude of the Center parties and specifically of the N. Plastira, the role of the Throne and the Army.