Andreas Dounis

PhD Candidate

Andreas Dounis (Athens, 1982) is a Phd Candidate in the Department of Social Policy with Phd subject "The nursing profession in Greece through New Public Management" under the supervision of Professor Georgia Petraki.

He has graduated from the Department of Health and Social Welfare Units Management of the Technological Institute of Athens with final dissertation subject  "Welfare Policies Aiding Overindebted Households" (grade excellent).

He holds a Master's Degree in «Methodology and Applications in Social Policy», with specialization in «Social Protection and Social Cohesion», by the Department of Social Policy at Panteion University with grade "excellent". The subject of his Master's degree final dissertation was: "Health Status and Health Inequalities in the Population of Greece".

He is the founder of the innovative scientific website, having as a primary goal to give prominence to topics of social policy and social theory, and presently evolving into a webpage of scientific articles in the broader field of social and humanitarian sciences by providing a platform for scientific dialogue and social reflection. The initiative has formed important collaborations in Greece and internationally and is cited often in academic writings, studies, and education guides.

He has worked as an external partner in the RESCuE (Patterns of Resilience during Socioeconomic Crises among Households in Europe (FP7) Research Project from January 2015 to April 2016.  He has also worked as a translator in the Program of National Collaboration of RESCuE from February to May 2017.

He was a member of the Administration Board of the Association of Social Policy Scientists from 2014-2016 and from 2016-2018. During these periods he contributed to the Collective Work entitled Social Policy Agencies in Greece Unit: Health Policy and co-authored the second published study of the Association entitled "Social Policy Employment Prospects in International Organizations".  He was one of the main members of the editorial board of the Associations' Newspaper "Forum for Social Policy".

He is also an expert at the Social Administration Research Lab - SARL of the University of West Attica (Research Unit of Social Welfare and Social Inclusion)

His research interests include sociology of work (and professions) and sociology of health, child welfare and child poverty, household overindebtedness, gender equality issues, discourse theory and critical discourse analysis and their applications in social policy as well as theoretical approaches of the welfare state.

Sociology of Work | Sociology of Health