Dimitris Kaltsonis


Dimitris Kaltsonis is an assistant Professor of State Theory and Law at Panteion University. He teaches at the Department of Social Policy, the Department of Political Science and History, and in the Master's course of the Department of Public Administration of Panteion University. He runs the seminar "State and law in the 21st century" (www.kratoskaidikaio.blogspot.com). He has published the following monographs (in Greek): 1. Che for state and revolution, Topos, 2012 2. The government of "People's Unity" in Chile 1970-1973, electronic publication Workers' Fight, 2012 3. The dilemma of the Bolivarian Republic - State and law in Hugo Chávez's Venezouela, Xifaras, 2010 4. Greek Constitutional History, vol. Ι 1821-1940, and ΙΙ 1941-2001, Xifaras, 2009 5. Law – society - classes, Modern Era, 2005 6. The court from the primitive to the classless society, Modern Era, 2002 7. State and abeyance of law, A. Sakkoulas, 1998 8. The constitution in Leninist thought, Modern Era, 1997.

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