Iakovos Pelekanos

PhD Candidate

Iakovos Pelekanos is a PhD candidate at the department of Social Policy in Panteion University. His dissertation is entitled “Configuration Strategies of Social Bond, in Greek Society, in Environment of Deregulation of the Working Relationships” under the supervision of Prof. Despoina Papadopoulou.

He holds a B.A. in Social Policy from Panteion University and a M.Sc in Social Policy with specialization in Labor and Employment Policies from the same University.He has presented his work at various conferences of the European Sociological Association and other international meetings. He is very interested in communicating his work to the general public (invited talks at the “ΣΥ.ΛΑ.Π” (Modern Open University) of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni, 2016 & 2019).

He has translated in Greek the Academic book “Philosophical Perspectives on Social Cohesion”, Healy, M., 2013, Bloomsbury, UK. This translated version of this book was published by “Topos Publications” and it is distributed for the course “Social Identity and Social Bond” (Course Director Prof Despoina Papadopoulou) within the Social Policy Department, Panteion University.

From 2016 to 2019 was a member of council of “ΚΕ.Κ.ΜΟ.ΚΟ.Π” research center at Panteion University. In addition, he is a member of “E.E.K.Π” (Hellenic Social Policy Association).


Social Bond / Working Relationships