Centre for Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Studies is a research laboratory of the Department, established by (FEK) Gov. 926/17.7.2006 to cover teaching and research needs in the fields of gender in social policy and policy analysis of gender equality at the international, European, national and local level. The Centre is an evolution of the Laboratory that was created under the interdepartmental programme EPEAEK II Gender and Equality Studies in Political and Social Sciences” and operated during the period 2003-2008.   

The Centre  is currently involved in the following international projects:

Active Strategies for Prevention and Handling Sexual Harassment Incidents – ASTRAPI

Specific project objectives are to:

  • Create field-tested European Toolkits, Guides and Instruments to effectively implement intervention measures in preventing and handling sexual harassment in the world of work
  • Develop educational material/curricula and train key people from participating organizations that will become trainers for their own organizations. Include on-line training materials to facilitate e-learning
  • Establish a project website to become a facility for dissemination of project activities, best practice and results.
  • Host Multiplier events to present Intellectual Outputs and results to selected stakeholders.    

 The partners are: Cyprus Academy of Public Administration, Hypatia Foundation, Gender5+, FIU-Ligestilling/Dansk metal, Open Education Centre Foundation, European University Cyprus, Community of Research on Excellence, Gender Equality Committee in Employment and Vocational Training. Scientific Coordinator Prof. Georgia Petraki

Website of the project

ProGender: A Digital Hub on Gender, the COVID-19 crisis and its Aftermath

ProGender aims to promote bilateral activities between Iceland, Greece and Norway by creating a digital hub devoted to gender perspectives of COVID-19 and its aftermath. The activities that will be carried out within the hub will be online and will promote gender perspectives, analyses and policy responses of the COVID-19 crisis through a set of actions and initiatives that enhance cooperation and exchange between Greek, Icelandic and Norwegian institutions.

The Centre for Gender Studies coordinates the project and cooperates with the Center for Gender Research of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference of University of Iceland (RIKK). In Greece, the Centre of Gender Studies collaborates with the AMKE Research and Education Collective (REC) and the Social Cooperative Enterprise KOINSEP STIN PRIZA. Scientific Coordinator As.Prof. Maria Stratigaki

Director: Professor Maria Karamessini   Website of the Centre