Social Policy Laboratory

The Social Policy Laboratory (former Center for Social Morphology and Social Policy (KEKMOKOP)) of the Department was established with the aim of:

  • To carry out scientific research, independently, by delegation or in cooperation with other bodies on social morphology, demography, social and cultural anthropology, social geography, applied sociology and social policy.
  • The production of any kind of educational, supervisory and support material to assist and promote effective teaching, research and knowledge on the scientific competence of KEKMOKOP and the scientific staff.
  • To undertake any kind of scientific initiative and activity that can:
    • facilitate the teaching of the Department
    • promote the connection of teaching and scientific research with social reality and its problems, and
    • make scientific knowledge and scientific concerns accessible to a wider audience.

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Theodosia Anthopoulou (Director)
  • Prof. Dionisios Gravaris (Deputy Director)
  • Assoc. Prof. Maria Symeonaki
  • Aggeliki Athanasopoulou (EDIP)
  • Assis. Prof. Nikolaos Kourachanis