Social Insurance

The course aims to provide post-graduate students with those analytical and knowledge skills concerning the multifacet character of social insurance and its current crisis in the national and international level, the repercussions of continuus reforms to social solidarity and redistribution outcomes  and the adjustments of the social insurance system to the new economic and labour policy context. The course covers the following topics: organizational rules for social insurance systems, and the new architecture of social insurance in Greece, parametric and strucutural reforms in the Greek pension system,  retrenchment in benefit levels and recalibration of the public and compulsory character of the social insurance system, challenges of social insurance financing, aspects of economic sustainability in distributional social insurance systems and non compliance to social insurance rules, new forms of contributivity and solidarity according to EU social policy recommendations, the role of occupational pensions in multi-pillar systems, developments in social insurance regimes of self-employed.

Evaluation:  Oral exams.

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Optional Course
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