Heath Policy

The course aims to understand the principles of health policy making, to gain a deeper understanding of health care systems’ levels and types, to identify their functions and components, their interconnections, as well as to be familiar with health systems’ assessment approaches. It also seeks to critically approximate the processes and key components of promoting reforms and strengthening health systems, at a global and national level. In this context, we will deal with specific functions and policies needed to achieve the goals of health policies, such as: the relationship between health needs and available services, access to services, the organization and management of health care systems, the allocation of resources – funding, remuneration and other market models, health technology assessment methods etc. through the global and Greek experience of healthcare reforms. Particular emphasis will be given to the design and implementation of recent health care reforms in the context of the Greek Economic Adjustment programs that Greece has adopted over the last decade. The course structure refers to the following five parts: (a) theoretical dimension of health policy and its scope, (b) core functions of the health system, (c) typology and comparative analysis of health systems and their performance measurement, (d) impact of the economic crisis in the health care systems globally and the Greek health care system as well as (e) process of policymaking, setting priorities and the importance of evidence-based policy making  for health sector.

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