The Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Local Development and Employment

Konstadina - Irini Rapti

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is considered to contribute positively to the stable and sustainable local economic development for a fair distribution of social wealth, to address new social needs and risks and to strengthen social democracy. "Sustainable development" according to law 4430/2016 is defined as the promotion of environmental sustainability, social and economic equality, gender equality, the protection and development of common goods and the promotion of intergenerational and multicultural reconciliation and at the same time the emphasis is given to the particularities of local communities.

Scope of this dissertation is the study, recording and evaluation of the role of the Social and Solidarity Economy as a mechanism for raising resources that can contribute to local development and especially to the increase of employment at the local level.

In this context, the possibility of utilizing resources is examined, which can lead to productive initiatives and they are beneficial for employment and the fight against exclusion, in the context of sustainable development.

In Greece, the Social and Solidarity Economy is less developed than in other European Union countries such as France, Italy and the Netherlands. The research will examine the difficulties of developing and promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy in our country- as a whole but also in local communities- and we will examine the institutional framework and policies in this field.

The analysis will be based on the review of the relevant literature and the utilization of secondary data from relevant research in this field. Finally, based on the findings of the analysis, proposals for policy making will be formulated.

Academic Year
2019 - 2020