Investigating the levels of political trust to national and international institutions: Evidence from the European Social Survey for Spain, 2002-2016

Thomas Dimitriou

Political trust to institutions is considered vital for the functioning of democracy. In the thesis, the levels of political trust to national (parliament, legal system, police, politicians and political parties) and international (European Parliament and the United Nations) institutions were assessed based on the European Social Survey data of 2002-2016 for Spain. The findings showed a decline in the levels of political trust to all institutions except the police for 2002-2012, a result attributed mainly to the economic crisis. Highest levels of trust were demonstrated for the police and lowest levels for the politicians and the political parties. The investigation of the demographic and social “profile” of political trust did not result in any clear pattern based on age, marital status, level of educational attainment and employment status. However, when the Left and Right self-placement scale was applied, an almost common pattern among most institutions was exhibited as those with less trust were inclined to Left, except for years 2008 to 2010 when this trend was reversed.

Keywords: Political trust to institutions, Left and Right self-placement scale, European Social Survey, Spain

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2018 - 2019