The issue of the state in the political thought of Mikhail Bakunin


The subject of this dissertation is the issue of state in the political thought of Mikhail Bakunin. The dissertation is divided into five chapters, logically linked to each other. The purpose of the first chapter is to locate and to analyze the multi - level theoretical and methodological premises of Bakunin's critique of the state. On the base of these premises, Bakunin rejects the state in general as well the state of liberal democracy. Furthermore, there is an interest towards the clarification of the theoretical conflict between Bakunin and Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels concerning the marxian idea of the socialist state of the proletarian dictatorship. The last chapter of this dissertation is devoted to the critical study of the Bakunin's ideals of stateless socialism and federalism.

Dissertation Committee Members

Associate Professor Anargyros Pasas

Dissertation Date
September 2019