Goals and Issues of Social Policy

The course aims to provide students with those analytical knowledge and skills that will enable them to define, distinguish and understand the main goals and issues of social policy as they are inscribed in institutions and public programs as well as how they are linked and interact with other relative public policies (economic, developmental, financial, environmental, etc.) and their theoretical and practical aspects. The course covers the following topics: main goals and concepts of social policy (reciprocity, solidarity, redistribution, social justice, efficiency, equality, reproduction), needs and social problems, social rights and social policy, social policy, social control and social reproduction, work and social policy, social groups, social classes and social policy, governance and social policy (state, market, family, NGOs), suppliers and consumers of social policy, methods of financing social policy, social policy objectives and selection criteria for beneficiaries, the role of professionals in the formulation and implementation of social policy, social policy and evaluation, globalization and social policy, environment and social policy.

Evaluation:    Short essay of 1500 words and written exam.


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