The role of the intercultural education as a policy of integration of immigrant data generation in the greek society

Dafni Papadaki

The fact that greek society is a multicultural environment, it is obvious even from the existence of students with different civilizations into the schools. The general purpose of the intercultural education is the simultaneous education of native and foreign students. In this project we will be concentrated in the study of "intercultural education " as a policy the social integration of second generation immigrants. At first, the theoretical approaches to the subject will be analyzed - as far as our country is concerned - and then the characteristics of this type of education will be investigated. In order to understand whether or not our hypothesis is confirmed, we must analyze the educational methods that are being used in Greek intercultural schools, the difficulties faced by students, as well as the skills that the teaching staff must possess in order to meet their needs. Also, as factors of social inclusion, we will work out the contribution of intercultural education to the socialization of immigrants and their integration into the greek labor market. Finally, the data collection will be done through the study of the legislative framework, bibliographic review, as well as through qualitative research with a remote interview guide, due to the restrictive measures that exist in order to spread Covid-19.

Thesis Committee Members
Academic Year
2019 - 2020