The ten-year crisis and the role of local government in dealing with it as defined by the "Kallikratis" Program: The Municipality of Xanthi

Beretziki Evagelia

The great economic crisis and recession of the last decade with the entry of the country into a memorandum regime, it seems to have led to a crisis of human and social rights. In the new framework that has been formed, poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and the sharpening of social inequalities in general have been at the heart of the intervention of the "decentralized" Local Governments through the implementation of social policies, as much of the responsibility for tackling them has shifted from the central state to them.

The changes that took place at the local level during the crisis period with the establishment of the new Municipalities aimed at, among other things, the most effective solution of local problems by strengthening the role of Local Government Organizations in the exercise of social policy. The ability to manage financial resources and human resources by the municipalities themselves according to their needs, ensuring transparency and accountability to citizens, and proximity to the citizen while strengthening his active participation in issues that concerning the municipality, are changes that seem to soften the centralized character of the central state in the field of social protection.

The aim is to highlight the strengthening of the role of Social Policy at the local level and the areas of intervention of the Municipality of Xanthi, seeking social cohesion with the implementation of the programs Kallikratis (law 3852/2010) and Cleisthenes (law 4555/2018). During the last decade, new N.P.D.D. such as the Center for Social Protection and Solidarity for the Municipality of Xanthi, aiming to strengthen its autonomy in the field of social policy in the management of local issues and social protection.

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2019 - 2020