Transformations of social protection

The purpose of the seminar is to provide students with knowledge about the current transformations is social policy implementation and the corresponding theoretical perspectives. Working collectively we investigate the change and the alternatives of classic welfare mechanisms. During the seminar the students have to study and present an overview over important debates in the field of modern welfare state and its alternatives and introduce the relevant theoretical conceptualizations and empirical techniques of internationally comparative social protection initiatives. Finally, the seminar brings to light critically the claims about the raise of new paradigms for social protection and reviews their capabilities and limitations.

Course outline:

  1. interventions departing from Solidarity Economy
  2. interventions of Third Sector and Welfare Society
  3. pluralism and social protection
  4. inter-agency in social policy/ co-production and PPP
  5. supra-national and sub-national patterns of social protection and solidarity


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Current literature /published papers available through Heal-link

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