Rural society and approaches to sustainable development

The seminar aims to analyze contemporary rural restructuring by focusing on the main processes of spatial and socioeconomic transformation of rural areas in a changing and fluid world (globalization of markets, technologies, knowledge, and lifestyles; population mobilities; climate change), the local responses (rural communities and local government) to rural change, and the new stakes of rural development under the lens of sustainable resource management. Some specific issues examined and discussed are:

Concepts and approaches to local and territorial development in the light of rural sustainability (society, economy, environment).

Identification and enhancement of territorial resources and local specificities (human, natural, economic), social innovation, and sustainable development strategies.

Post-productivist transition of the countryside within agricultural policy and practice: diversification of rural economy and multifunctionality of rural space; agritourism; local agrifood products; valorization of natural and cultural landscapes.

Environmental change, conflicts over territorial resources and land uses, and protecting the countryside.

New urban-rural partnerships: Alternative food networks and issues of agro-ecological transition, food sovereignty and food justice in the context of the social and solidarity economy, counter-urbanization, back-to-the-land phenomena and evaluation of rural integration policies.

For the Erasmus students lectures will be offered in English and French.

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