The International Labor Organization as a Social Policy Institution and the case of Greece

Konstantine Kostoulas

In the years of the global market economy, the internationalization of labor law is inevitable. From the sphere of influence of globalization, the concept of social policy has not escaped, as we have the appearance of its supranational level of action. In the present work, therefore, based on the above assumptions, we will seek the role of the International Labor Organization as a social policy institution. Initially, we will look back at the historical and political events that led to the foundation of the organization, its structure, purpose and mode of operation. Then we present the organization's audit mechanism and make reference to the system of International Labor Conventions, mentioning the main ones, such as the 8 fundamental ones. In the next chapter, the connection between the purpose of the organization and the pursuit of social policy is investigated and reference is made to the principles of its social policy. Finally, a reference is made in the case of Greece within the International Labor Organization.

Keywords: International labor Organization, Social policy, International Labor Conventions, Greec

The thesis can be found here.

Ακαδημαϊκό Έτος
2018 - 2019