Greek social security system: examining structural changes

Koulouris Vassilios

The purpose of this diploma thesis is to examine the developments about the ongoing rationalisation of the Greek Social Security System (SSS) over the last 30 years and in particular the contribution of the legislative interventions of the four-year period 2015-2019 – and in particular Law 4387/2016 - to this rationalisation. Are the unprecedented financial crisis which began in 2008, and the three memoranda signed by our country with its lenders the real reason for the state's retreat from the public SSS, or they have simply accelerated a course that had already taken place since the early 1990s? Do the four-year period (2015-2019) legislative interventions represent the final step in the evolution of the Greek SSS, or they are one step towards the multi-level pillar model proposed by the World Bank since 1994? In addition, the current degree of fragmentation of the Greek SSS, the degree of unification of the rules applicable to different working groups and the deviations observed in this direction of the consolidation of the rules within the E.F.K.A.  will be investigated.

Thesis Committee Members
Academic Year
2018 - 2019