Real working time and imputed insurance days. The case of the train drivers of the Athens Metro Rail Company SA.

Dimitris Gourtis

The purpose of this dissertation is to prove what is the real working time of the train drivers of the Athens Metro Rail Company SA. For a more complete understanding, the present work is divided into three parts, with the corresponding chapters.

In the first part, in the first chapter, the definitions and the basic concepts are presented, for the following analysis, as well as, an overview for the working conditions of the train drivers. In the second chapter, general principles of insurance systems as well as some studies are presented, which record the problems that exist in the social insurance system of Greece.

In the second part and especially in the third chapter, the analysis is done for the collection and processing of the research data. What is more, in the fourth chapter there is a detailed reference to the salary earnings during the period 2015 - 2020, based on the basic salary regulation, the integrated in salary bonuses, the overtime employment, the ranks and the scales. In addition to these, the overtime employment is analyzed in a certain time period and the real working time of the employees in the specialty of train driver is recorded. In addition, five case studies are presented, analyzed over time beyond the period 2015 – 2020, in order to reflect a more accurate conclusion. 

In the third and last part, in the fifth chapter a brief reflection of the Social Insurance System`` of Greece is presented, as well as what are the possible predictions. In the sixth chapter the conclusions are given and a summary of all the previous analyses is made, in order to be led into an accurate interpretation of the results. 

In the Annex there is information that is important for the research that was conducted, such as a sample of the inventory card, the way of calculating the salary earnings and the ad ditional contributions paid by the train drivers, the most important laws concerning the social insurance system etc.

Keywords: Social Security, Train Drivers, Insurance Contributions, Urban Transport, Occupational Risks 

Thesis Committee Members
Academic Year
2019 - 2020