Master Theses

Academic Year

TitleAuthorAcademic YearSupervisor
Flexibility of Working Schedule and Gender during Crisis: The Shaping of Working Women’s Daily LifeAggeliki Poulaki2019 - 2020 Ioannis Kouzis
Investigating the role of migration for changes in Europe labour supply in 2009-2019Thomas Dimitriou2019 - 2020 Christos Bagavos
Migrant Integration Centers: A local facility/centre for the social integration of migrantsEvaggelia Kapiniari2019 - 2020 Christoforos Skamnakis
Political systems and freedoms: Social policy and state compulsion An academic approach through the experience of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemicKonstadinos Polonifis2019 - 2020 Dimitris Kaltsonis
Real working time and imputed insurance days. The case of the train drivers of the Athens Metro Rail Company SA.Dimitris Gourtis 2019 - 2020 Dionyssis Gravaris
Social Policy and Local Government: the example of Community CentersPapoulia Dimitra-Christina2019 - 2020 Christoforos Skamnakis
Studying conditional cash transfer schemes in Latin America: A comparative analysis between Brazil, Mexico and NicaraguaEleftheria Nila2019 - 2020 Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos
Support policies for people living with HIV/AIDS in Greece: National interventions and non-governmental initiativesAristides Galanakis 2019 - 2020 Maria Stratigaki
Telework before and after the pandemic: The implementation in the Greek public administration with the example of e-EFKAKonstadinos Tsouknidas2019 - 2020 Georgia Petraki
The access of the uninsured to the National health system during the financial crisis and the contribution of the community clinics in their primary careAnastasia Katsikogianni2019 - 2020 Christos Papatheodorou
The analysis of the wage relationship based on the Marxist critique of political economyPanagiotis - Nickolaos Tzavaras2019 - 2020 Dionyssis Gravaris
The Fighting of Poverty during the Period of Crisis to Local Level-The Case of the Operational Program of Food and Basic Material Assistance to destitute people Maria Kehagia2019 - 2020 Maria Stratigaki
The role of the intercultural education as a policy of integration of immigrant data generation in the greek societyDafni Papadaki2019 - 2020 Constantine Dimoulas
The Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Local Development and EmploymentKonstadina - Irini Rapti 2019 - 2020 Christos Papatheodorou
The ten-year crisis and the role of local government in dealing with it as defined by the "Kallikratis" Program: The Municipality of XanthiBeretziki Evagelia2019 - 2020 Christoforos Skamnakis
Veto points and Conversion in Health Policy. The case of the most recent PHC system reform in Greece (Law 4486/2017)Kanella Sibera2019 - 2020 Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos
Μετανάστευση και εργασία. Η γεωργική απασχόλησηImmigration and employment. Αgricultural and domestic employment in Greece και η οικιακή εργασία στην ΕλλάδαΑσημένια Γεωργιάδου 2019 - 2020
Assessing the intergenerational educational mobility of the European welfare regimesTsinaslanidou Paraskevi2018 - 2019 Maria Symeonaki
Greek social security system: examining structural changesKoulouris Vassilios2018 - 2019 Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos
School-to-work transition of University graduates: evidence from the European pilot survey EurograduateDimitriadou Maria2018 - 2019 Maria Symeonaki
Social Inclusion Policies for the Roma People. The Case of the Sofades Municipal District (Thessaly, Greece)Doyia Maria2018 - 2019 Christoforos Skamnakis
Social policy issues in local government at the time of the crisis: Emergency interventionsMakris Christos2018 - 2019 Christoforos Skamnakis
The tendency to enhance occupational insurance and its development in GreecePapaioannou Sotiria2018 - 2019 Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos
Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Greece and Finland: A Comparative StudyNikoloudis Petros2017 - 2018 Eleni Prokou
Νέες μορφές εργασίας: Η εργασία μέσω ψηφιακής πλατφόρμαςLeontsini Ioanna2017 - 2018 Georgia Petraki
Investigating the dimensionality of the Schwartz scale of human values: Evidence from the European Social Survey of 2002 for Greece and SloveniaAnastasia Charalampi2013 - 2014 Catherine Michalopoulou
Fuzzy Likert scalesAggeliki Kazani2009 - 2010 Maria Symeonaki