New Book: The Evolution of the Political, Social and Economic Life of Cyprus, 1191-1950 (Palgrave Studies in Economic History)

New book by Prof. Spyros Sakellaropoulos, member of the teaching staff of the Department of Social Policy.


The book examines the evolution of the political, social and economic life of Cyprus from its conquest by Richard the Lionheart to the 1950 referendum on Enosis. Even with such a long period, around 900 years, the interest in controlling the island becomes clear given its particularly advantageous geographical position between Europe, Africa and Asia. Undoubtedly, Cyprus has always been an important centre for military and economic activity in the wider region. This book provides an interdisciplinary approach which combines history, political science, sociology, international relations and economics. It will be of interest to academics in Economic History, Middle-Eastern Studies, Mediterranean Studies and researchers in general, as well as anyone interested in political theory and the role of the state in particular.


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